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American Jewish Japan Society, Inc.

c/o Strategic/NCI - 7th Floor

100 Wall Street

New York, NY 10005


Ph, 212-878-6550

What We Do

  • Business and Economic Synergies​​​

    • Developing large company and small business entrepreneurial relationships.

    • Sharing of marketing, media, and public relations strategies and methodologies.

    • Encouragement of start ups and joint ventures. 


  • Cultural Exchange​​​​

    • ​​Creation of programs in visual and performing arts.

    • Sponsorship of exhibitions, musical and dance programs, lectures and symposia in major cities in the U.S and Japan.

    • Nurturing of talent through fellowships, scholarships and stipends. Initiation of multi media projects including blogs, books, film, podcasts, video.

What We Do - American Jewish Japan Society (AJJS)
  • Dedicated Travel

    • Group and individual tours with emphasis on specific professions and interests.

    • Programs tailored for maximum peer to peer exposure and interchange.

      • Special initial emphasis on encouraging and coordinating travel to 2020 Summer Olympics.  


  • People to People Opportunities

    • Programs for seniors, adults, young adults and teenagers matching vocational and avocational interests.

    • Home and community visits.

    • Creation of pro active teams with similar life experiences, achievements and goals. 


  • Annual Awards Dinner

    • Beginning in the fall of 2018, AJJS will conduct an annual awards dinner, alternating in U.S. and Japanese cities. The event will honor individuals and entities who have made/are making important contributions to American Jewish-Japanese relations.

What We Do - American Jewish Japan Society (AJJS)
  • Founding Special Initiative

    • Telling the dramatic and dynamic story in graphic book and documentary film formats of the heroic Japanese military and  diplomatic officials credited with saving the lives of thousands of Jews during the Nazi Holocaust. 


  • Donations at Founder, Partner, Sponsor levels from:

    • Corporations 

    • Foundations

    • Individuals

  • Membership Creation

    • Paid annual memberships for Corporate, Family, Individual, Seniors, Students

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